Report: Cars shot with pellet gun in Fort Mill

by: Jim Bradley Updated:

Shots fired at cars

FORT MILL, S.C. - In York County, S.C., three drivers said they were shot at over the weekend.

"We were just driving along and all of the sudden I heard a 'pop,'" said Jim Robinson.

He said a split second later, the front passenger window exploded just inches away from his daughter's face.

"She started screaming. She had glass in her hair," said Robinson.

But he wasn't alone.

At around the same time and on the same stretch of Hensley Road just outside Fort Mill, two other cars were shot at.

York County's Sheriff's Office said detectives believe a high powered pellet gun was used in the attacks.

Regardless of what weapon was used, they said the incidents are being taken seriously.

David Csiszer, whose car was also hit, said he's upset.

"It's very apparent to me that it was deliberate," Csiszer said, "It's scary. What's in that person's mind? Do they know they could kill somebody?"

On Monday, investigators were in the area near Williams Road.

Detectives questioned several people but have so far made no arrests.

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