• Report: Woman calls police, says she's scared, just stabbed someone


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman was charged with attempted murder after police said she stabbed a man near his home, according to York Police Department.
    The incident happened at 9:40 a.m. Wednesday on Railroad Avenue. Police found Howard Childers, 61, sitting in a chair covered by blood.
    Childers told police a woman had asked him for money and he told her he didn’t have any for her.
    After a few minutes, the woman went to the kitchen and she tabbed Childers when she returned, police said. Childers was stabbed multiple times during a struggle before getting the knife away, according to officials.
    Childers was taken to a hospital for his injuries.
    Later, a woman, later identified as Angela Bradley, 42, called police. She told dispatch she was scared and she had stabbed someone, officials said.
    Police told the woman she would need to come to York Police Department to tell her side of the story. She was arrested after speaking with detectives and taken to the York County Detention Center.

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