• Report: Woman threatened "suicide by cop" before officer-involved shooting


    LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. - The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office released their findings after a woman died in an officer-involved shooting in April.
    Deputies said the woman who was killed, Ingrid Mayer, threatened “suicide by cop” before driving at officers.
    Deputies were called to Grace Avenue on reports of a woman driving in a reckless manner, trying to buy drugs and possibly under the influence.
    Deputies Luke Bundrum and Shane Black found the car stopped in a driveway at the edge of Grace Avenue. When the car drove away deputies followed and conducted a traffic stop, according to the report.
    Deputy Glenn Reams arrived after the stop was made.
    The report said Mayer told Black, “This is about to be suicide by cop,” and put the car in reverse. Black was trapped in the open door frame of the car before being able to push away.
    Mayer rammed into Bundrum’s patrol car while he was in it, according to the report.
    The report said Reams was standing by Bundrum’s car when it was hit. When Mayer accelerated, she aimed at Reams. Reams fired his weapon two times as he tried to get out of the path of the car. He was not hit.
    All three deputies rushed to Mayer’s aid until the arrival of EMS. Mayer was pronounced dead after the arrival of EMS. 
    The investigation was turned over to the State Law Enforcement Division. The Internal Affairs unit of the Sheriff’s Office also began their own separate investigation. All three deputies were placed on paid administrative leave pending the results of investigation.

    “First and foremost my thoughts are with all of those who were involved or affected by this incident, including the family of Ms. Mayer,” said Sheriff Barry Faile. “I am extremely thankful that our officers were able to survive this incident without injury. It is unfortunate that Ms. Mayer chose to commit these acts, forcing Deputy Reams to defend himself with deadly force.”
    Bundrum and Black have resumed their normal duties. 
    Reams has returned to work in a non-enforcement administrative capacity. He will remain in that capacity until SLED publishes the results of their investigation.

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