Burke Co. rescue crews save dog that fell 27 feet into well



BURKE COUNTY, N.C. - The Burke County Rescue Squad rescued a dog that fell 27 feet into a well Friday afternoon.

The owners said the mixed-breed dog, Bodie, disappeared Thursday night. A neighbor said she heard the dog down in the well on Libscomb Road in Morganton and called emergency officials.

Officials on the scene said the temperature in the well was in the 90s and there are low oxygen levels.

Nearly a dozen members of the Burke County Rescue Squad gathered around the well and went to work to figure out how to get the dog out.

As they worked, Bodie sat at the bottom of the well and occasionally barked for his owner.

"He jumped up and opened the door himself, the screen door, and him and his momma took off running. We tried to get him to come back and he just ran," said Loretta Reno, Bodie’s owner.

Not knowing how to get the 7-month-old Bullmastiff mix out, his owners called for help.

For more than 30 minutes, the rescue squad sized up the deep hole. Then Jonathan Wilkie agreed to go in and make the rescue. 

“I’m just anxious for him to be out and be okay," Reno said.

Reno did not have to wait long. It took only a matter of minutes for Wilkie to reach Bodie, secure the dog and back up to his waiting owner.

Wilkie said Bodie came right to him and seemed happy he was being rescued.

"He jumped right into my arms. It was kind of hard to tie him off, but real friendly. I love animals myself. I wouldn't want my animal down in the hole," Wilkie said.

It did not take long for Bodie to find his family, who are grateful for what rescuers did, and a big bowl of water.

"Thank you all so much.   You did a great job," Reno said.

Bodie's owner said he appears to be fine despite the big fall. The property owner said he plans on making sure the old well remains covered.