• Roads with same name cause confusion for emergency personnel

    By: Eric Philips


    CORNELIUS, N.C. - Two roads with the same name but separated by Lake Norman meant firefighters were delayed getting to a recent house fire in Cornelius on Dec. 18.

    City leaders in Cornelius are trying to clear up the confusion.
    Homeowners want the name of one of the streets changed.
    They're worried two different roads with the same name could confuse emergency responders again in the future, and it could mean the difference between life and death.
    The firefighters’ response to a fire on Dec. 18 is what has homeowners taking action Friday night.
    Crews were delayed because they went to the other Country Club Lane.
    “Needless to say they lost 45 seconds to a minute to get turned around and get to this particular address,” said Cornelius Fire Chief Jim Barbee.
    Barbee said that minute likely would not have made a difference here and no one was home.
    “In the case of a stroke or heart attack that one minute makes a lot of difference in the patient’s recovery,” Barbee said.
    “It is definitely a problem and could be a matter of life and death,” said resident Gene McKinney.
    Some residents are now calling for town officials to change the name of the smaller Country Club Lane, which only has five houses.
    It's all very confusing because one Country Club Lane is off of Country Club Drive and it is not connected to the Country Club Lane, which is between John Gamble and Torrecne Chapel. There's also a Coutnry Club Circle.
    Town officials said the streets were once connected, but they're separated by Lake Norman.
    Officials have a list of possible new names for the street, but they're worried there could be push back from residents who live there who don't want to go through the hassle of a name change. 
    If those residents agree on a new street name, the town council will vote on Feb. 24.
    The fire chief said this isn't the only problem like this in Cornelius. He's also concerned about other duplicate or similarly named streets in the town.

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