• Robbery victim says job may have put her in danger

    By: Mark Becker


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman who was kidnapped, robbed and sexually assaulted told Eyewitness News that she had counseled one of the suspects in a program for young criminals.

    "Last night, the detective called, and I was glad that they were all three arrested," she said Thursday.

    She is relieved to know that a week after she was kidnapped, robbed and sexually assaulted after leaving work at an east Charlotte office building, three young men have been arrested.

    Police had released a picture from an ATM showing one of the suspects in a hooded sweatshirt, but they're not saying how their case came together.

    Police arrested three teenagers. Two of them are over 16, and the third is a juvenile.

    The victim said that she had counseled Joshua Lowery and confronted him two days after the attack.

    "He attacked me on Wednesday. I saw him Friday in class and he looked me right in the face and told me he had no clue who had done it," she said.

    All three teenagers now face robbery, kidnapping and sexual assault charges.

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