Robin Williams' death brings attention to mental illness

by: Scott Wickersham Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Cardinal Innovations Healthcare said it receives hundreds of calls each day from people who need help.
Its hotline is open 24  hours a day, and also sends out people to homes to help those suffering from a mental illness.
One doctor said Tuesday that Robin Williams' death brings a face to the problem, but helping those fight mental illness is get harder.
Channel 9 also discovered funding for suicide prevention is down in both North and South Carolina.
The National Alliance on Mental Illness said South Carolina saw the biggest cut from its mental health budget between 2009 and 2012.
It dropped by almost $74 million.
In North Carolina, it was cut by more than $7 million. Mental health experts said Congress needs to pass mental health bills to help fund suicide prevention

Emergency numbers:

Local medical emergency/mental health crisis
911 (local)

Mecklenburg County - Behavioral Health Center, CMC-Randolph 24-Hour Call Center

Mecklenburg & Cabarrus 24-Hour Call Line & Mobile Crisis Services

National Suicide Prevention 24-Hour Call Center