• Rock Hill men arrested after pot found in 'Scooby Doo' lunch box

    By: Greg Suskin


    ROCK HILL, S.C. - Jimmy Stewart watched on Monday as Rock Hill police arrested a close friend. Then he saw them opening up a brightly colored box.
    "I’d never seen that lunch box before," Stewart said.  "I don't know whose it was."
    Rock Hill police found 128 grams of marijuana in a bright orange "Scooby Doo" lunch box after getting a tip that two men were doing drugs behind Northside Elementary School.
    Trent Simmons, 20, and Brittany Robinson, 26, were charged with drug possession and with intent to distribute drugs near a school.
    Officers walked along the wood line behind Kiley Court, then noticed the two men walking out from a path that is right behind Northside Elementary School.
    "They found a grocery bag in the woods on the path that they came out of," said executive police officer Mark Bollinger.
    Inside that grocery bag was the “Scooby Doo” lunch box, now stored in a police evidence room. Inside they found 10 glass pipes and the drugs.
    Stewart saw police carry it out, and open it.
    "I saw a big thing of marijuana in there, in a bag," he said.
    The report stated that when police asked Simmons whose lunch box it was, he became weak in the knees and started crying.
    Stewart said he doesn't think the lunch box or the drugs belonged to his friend.
    "I go over here to the police vehicle and I’m looking in the window and he's like, 'Man I got set up! I got set up!" Stewart said.
    Simmons spoke to Channel 9 on Wednesday, insisting the drugs found in the lunch box were not his.
    He said he does not know why police arrested him, and plans to fight the charges.  Simmons does not have a criminal record in York County.
    However, police said both men admitted using marijuana, but denied that the cartoon lunch box was theirs.
    Juanita Boger was picking up her grandson from school Wednesday afternoon.  She was concerned that a young child could've come across the drugs in the woods.
    "If a child walks through there and sees it, curiosity is going to get the best of them, and they're going to look in there," she said.

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