Romney on DNC: 'A celebration of failure'



CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is staying away from the Carolinas during the Democratic National Convention.

Romney was straightforward with Eyewitness News anchor Blair Miller about what he thinks about the convention in an interview Wednesday afternoon.

“So far Blair, it has been a celebration of failure, I’m afraid.  The campaign really doesn’t have a lot to point to of accomplishment,” Romney said.

Romney said he will be spending a lot of time in North Carolina over the next two months.

He said it ultimately comes down to whether people are happy with how the president is leading the government.

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is hammering the president on the nation’s debt.

He said it passed $16 trillion during the DNC.

Ryan thinks Democrats should have a debt clock counter at the convention like the ones Republicans had in Tampa last week.