Romney picks Ryan as running mate



CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Mitt Romney announced a surprise visit to Charlotte on the heels of his Vice Presidential selection.

Romney was slated to visit Moorseville, NC Sunday morning as part of his bus tour, but Saturday afternoon, the Republican Presidential Candidate sent an email saying he'd fly into Charlotte that night.

Saturday morning, he announced Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate. Local political analyst Michal Bitzer called the choice chancy.

"This is the ‘take the chance’ kind of selection. It is geared toward the base of the Republican Party. It is geared toward the Tea Party," said Michael Bitzer.

Bitzer also said the seven-term-congressman had a strong following among those two groups. Over the next few days, Bitzer expects Democrats and Republicans to duke it out in swing states like North Carolina.

He said each party would try to explain who Ryan is, to voters who have not heard of him.

"You're gonna see that kind of classic tension going on,” said Bitzer. “What do the Republicans stand for? How are the Dems going to frame what the Republicans stand for?"

Democrats already started to describe him Saturday.

An official comment from the Obama Campaign described him as committed to ‘budget-busting’ tax cuts for the wealthy."

Bitzer said Romney will paint Ryan as one working to bring fiscal discipline and accountability to government.   Ryan currently sits as Chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Saturday, Eyewitness News caught up with Mecklenburg County Republicans canvassing neighborhoods to ensure Romney's success.

"Right now we're reaching out to unaffiliated [voters] and conservative Democrats, and identifying the folks that are going to be supportive of our Republican ticket," said Gideon Moore, Chairman of Mecklenburg Republican Party.

Bitzer said most of the latest polls are close, and show that North Carolina is a tossup state right now.