Rowan Co. student brings unloaded gun to school, police say


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Two 13-year-old Rowan County students face a possible yearlong suspension after getting caught with a .380 Smith & Wesson semiautomatic pistol at school, police said.

On Monday, one of those students at Erwin Middle School reported to an assistant principal that his gun had been stolen.

Police said the student who had brought the gun showed it to another student. Later, he noticed the gun was missing, police said.

After reporting the incident, both students were brought into the office and the gun was seized from the second student, police said.

Police said the students were also in possession of a magazine loaded with six rounds of ammunition, but the gun was not loaded.

After further investigation, police said that the student stole the gun from a parent’s lockbox Sunday night.

The school is recommending a full year suspension of both students.

Both students will be charged for juvenile crimes, police said.