Two Salisbury firefighters fired Wednesday after sexual misconduct allegations

by: Linzi Sheldon Updated:


SALISBURY, N.C. - Two Salisbury firefighters were fired on Wednesday and two other firefighters were demoted because of an internal investigation in sexually inappropriate behavior at work.

That investigation is still ongoing. Salisbury city leaders have repeatedly denied Eyewitness News' requests for an on-camera interview. But on Wednesday evening, city officials released the termination letters.

They state that Salisbury firefighters were passing around inappropriate photos of someone they all knew.

One of the firefighters who was fired Wednesday is Tim Grisham. He was fired for engaging in "sexual activity" and "inappropriate conduct" while at work.

The fire chief said he also passed around an "inappropriate photo." He added that Grisham also engaged in "sexually harassing" behavior, and then lied about it.

An Eyewitness News reporter went to his China Grove home to find out how it happened. A woman answered the door, and said to go away.

The other firefighter who was fired is Chet Hedrick. He was fired for receiving and sharing "inappropriate pictures," and also for lying about having shared the photos with others.

Eyewitness News went to his home in Salisbury, but no one was home.

This is the second investigation at the Salisbury Fire Department in two years. Taxpayers said they're fed up.

"Two years in a row is ridiculous," said one resident.

Salisbury's fire chief told Eyewitness News off-camera that this investigation did not affect firefighters' ability to serve. But he wouldn't say exactly how many people are involved, and if this internal investigation is connected to last year's incidents.

Eyewitness News has learned Hedrick and Grisham were also disciplined last year for inappropriate behavior.

On Wednesday, two other firefighters - -who Eyewitness News isn't naming -- were demoted as part of the investigation for failing to report the inappropriate conduct to superiors.

A city spokesperson said the investigation is "still ongoing and not finalized,” so there is still the possibility of even more disciplinary action in the coming days.