Salisbury man wants to help bring clerk's killer to justice

by: Catherine Bilkey Updated:


SALISBURY - A convenience store clerk was shot and killed nearly four years ago. Now a Salisbury man is doing everything he can to bring her killer to justice.

Dr. Carrol Fisher told Eyewitness News he woke up one morning and decided to add $2,500 to the reward for information leading to an arrest in the Dee Rios case.  He felt he needed to do something. It's been nearly four years since the 20-year-old convenience store clerk was murdered at a Spencer store. Her family has made plea after plea for someone to step forward.

“I was just waiting for something to happen and a year went by and another went by,” Fisher said.

And the young clerk's death remained unsolved. Police have run out of leads. They know Rios was opening the Latin Mix Convenience Store when the gunman came in and shot her and took $100, but they have no idea where he is now.

“Nice, working hard, making her living--and this punk shoots her,” Fisher said. “Why did he shoot her?”

Fisher wants to know who took the young woman's life. And he wants justice to be served.

“I hate to see that somebody could do something and just pretend there are no repercussions,” Fisher said.

He worries the murderer may still be out there committing crimes.

“Somebody knows something,” Fisher said.

The cash reward is up to $8,000.  You’re asked to call Spencer police if you have any information about this case.