SC man dies from West Nile virus

by: Scott Wickersham Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - West Nile virus continues to spread across the country.

A worker was spraying trees and bushes with pesticide to kill mosquitoes Tuesday in Indian Trail.

Killingsworth Environmental President Mike Rogers said people are more concerned now that there have been 88 deaths in America. On Monday, Eyewitness News learned a man in South Carolina was the latest to die from the virus.

Workers spray trees and bushes because during the day, mosquitoes hang upside down under the leaves for protection from the sun.

New numbers from Mecklenburg County indicate the mosquito population is worse this year. From July 1 to Sept. 11, 2011, they had 103 complaint calls about mosquitoes.

In the same time this year, there were 162 calls -- a 60 percent jump.

A mild winter is partly to blame for that.

So when can we expect some help from Mother Nature? The cooler overnight temperatures the area has had this week mean mosquitos take longer to become active each day, shortening the period when they feed.

But it takes a few nights below freezing to kill them off. In Charlotte, the first freeze typically doesn’t happen until November.

In the meantime, homeowners can look for anything that collects water and clear it out, no matter how small.

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