• Scammers pose as law enforcement, ask to pay fines


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Scammers posing as sheriff’s deputies are calling victims and to tell them there is a warrant for their arrest because they failed to show up for jury duty, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. 
    The caller tells the victim to prevent from being arrested, they can pay the fine over the phone. 
    The caller instructs the victim to place $500 on a GreenDot prepaid card, call back within an hour and provide the card number. 
    Once the money is paid to the caller, the caller's phone number is disconnected.
    The CMPD Financial Crimes Unit has confirmed this scam, and many others, are happening in Charlotte. 
    What to do in the event of this scam:

    • Immediately hang up and call the actual Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office can confirm or disprove if you have a warrant. You can also check warrants online at <http://warrantinquiryweb.co.mecklenburg.nc.us/WarrantsInquiry.aspx.
    • The Sheriff's Office will never have you pay any money over the phone. Money is actually collected by the Clerk of Courts.
    • Never provide sensitive information over the phone. 
    • Call 911 to report this criminal activity.

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