• School board members want answers on district's new office

    By: Allison Latos


    ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. - Some Rowan County school board members are demanding answers during Monday night’s meeting after Channel 9 obtained emails about secret talks over the district's new central office.
    Salisbury's North Main Street will hold the school district's new central office.
    Board members Chuck Hughes and Josh Wagner are concerned about emails Channel 9 obtained of talks over how the district could get the land and who would build the office.
    “When I find out there is information going down behind my back that I would not normally be aware of, when I find that out, it becomes a trust issue,” Hughes said.
    In May, Salisbury's Mayor Paul Woodson emailed then City Manager Doug Paris that the property owner would donate the land "only if he gets to build the central office."
    “Why is the city of Salisbury involved in school board issues that deeply?” Hughes said.
    Channel 9 stopped by the mayor's dry cleaning business to ask him Friday, but his employees said he was out of town.
    “We didn't do anything unethical or illegal; however, the email insinuates that somebody had that intention,” Wagner said.
    The city's influence on school issues is also in question when it comes to the funding of salaries for Knox Middle School's two principals.
    Channel 9 obtained an email from Paris to his city colleagues stating, “It is critical we have some skin in the game to be able to influence the administration and future path of these schools."
    The board members want answers on the city's power before moving forward.
    “If that means I have to vote no on something because I don't feel like we’ve been given enough information, than that's what I’ll have to do,” Wagner said.

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