• Students remain in class despite school losing power

    By: Alexa Ashwell


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Students at one Charlotte Mecklenburg School had to go the whole day without power Thursday.
    Officials said for an unknown reason a transformer blew at Randolph Middle School, causing the power outage.
    The Charlotte Fire Department responded to the school Thursday morning, after reports smoke was coming from a transformer in the back of the school.
    Classes resumed while crews spent the day trying to repair the problem.
    Channel 9 contacted CMS after learning students were in school without power. A spokesperson said there was no reason to send the children home because they were safe and teachers were still able to provide instruction.
    "I was in computer class," said Samantha Taylor, who is in the eighth grade at the school.  "It wasn't bad but some of the classrooms don't have windows so there wasn't much light.  We used our phones and flashlights to see."
    Samantha's mother said she the district notified her the school was without power through a phone messaging system.
    "I wasn't concerned about it," said the mother. 
    But some parents told Channel 9 they did not get a message from the school.
    "I had no idea there wasn't power at the school until just now when I came to pick up my son," said Cameron Brown, who has a child in the sixth grade at the school. "Usually the school will leave a voice mail if we don't get to the call. My wife said that didn't happen this time."
    Randolph Middle School is expected to be open Friday.

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