• Second Facebook related robbery in 2 weeks

    By: Ken Lemon


    GASTONIA, N.C. - A Facebook picture showing a man with fists full of cash led to a terrifying robbery in Gastonia.
    Sherman Addison was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of robbing a man at gunpoint and threatening several other victims.
    One of the victim's friends posted a picture on Facebook two weeks ago of straight cash. The next day Addison knocked on the victim's door.
    The victim's brother opened the door and Addison allegedly put a gun to his chest.
    There were six adults in the victim's home and Addison allegedly threatened all of them. He wasn't leaving without money.

    Addison allegedly held the gun to the homeowner's head and pistol whipped the man who had been holding the money in the Facebook photo.
    All six adults reportedly tried to tell Addison that the money wasn't there. He did not believe them and took the victim's brother out to the back of the home to get more answers.
    Addison allegedly threatened the rest of them by saying, "Anybody move, he dead."
    He got away with $300 and allegedly fired shots at the house as he took off.
    Gastonia police say it was the second robbery in two weeks where the victims had just posted pictures of cash on Facebook. Privacy settings do not always guarantee posts are private.

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