Senior center residents demand safety measures after man died crossing street



Dozens of people at a senior living center in southwest Charlotte are demanding new safety measures after a resident died crossing the street.

The man was killed trying to walk across Steele Creek Road from the bus stop to the home.

Era Dillard demanded answers Thursday from anyone who may have them. Less than a week after her brother-in-law was killed crossing the road, orange paint and a small memorial mark where Melvin Givens died.

The primary concern of many people who live here is safety and they let police and Charlotte Area Transit System representatives know they are frustrated.

To get to or from the bus stop on Steele Creek Road across from the living center, seniors have to cross the road without a crosswalk or stoplight.

The speed limit on Steele Creek Road is 50 mph. In August, Charlotte Department of Transportation was working to get the speed limit lowered to 45 mph. The speed limit has not been changed.

Residents at the center said they would like to see the bus stop moved.