• Service dog stays with 7-year-old NC girl during surgery


    DURHAM, N.C. - A dog is helping a 7-year-old from North Carolina battle an extremely rare and potentially deadly disease.

    Kaelyn Krawczyk, or KK as her family calls her, suffers from life-threatening allergic reactions.

    They can be triggered by virtually anything like being too tired, stressed or enduring exercise.

    Her service dog JJ can actually smell her cells changing right before a seizure.

    “JJ is very sensitive and often can tell us that KK is having a reaction or starting to have a reaction before we see any clinical symptoms,” said mother Michelle Krawczyk.

    JJ is so critical doctors at Duke University allowed him in the operating room during an important surgery, because KK is allergic to the anesthesia.

    It was a first for the hospital.

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