• Police: 2 Chester HS seniors lured murder victim with sex

    By: Greg Suskin


    CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. - Myrtle Beach police said Meleke Stewart, 18, and Broderick Roscoe, 18 planned to exchange sex for money with a 34-year-old man on Monday.
    Alton Daniels of Shallotte, North Carolina was found dead in his car outside a Days Inn motel early Monday. 
    Police saw blood on his chest, and said he had been shot multiple times.  
    Investigators found a cellphone outside the car, and arrest affidavits said the phone contained text messages and phone calls from Stewart and Roscoe.  They apparently were the last ones to talk to him before his death.
    Myrtle Beach police said the two teens confessed to planning to rob Daniels. In one document, Broderick admitted to standing by while the robbery was going on. 
    Both men were arrested in Chester, at their own homes.
    John Wilson saw that happen outside his home on Jeter Street. He said police seemed to be watching the house across the street. Suddenly, he said several officers arrived at once.
    "About 7 or 8 p.m. they showed up, and they took the kid out of the house," Wilson said.  That kid was Stewart, who neighbors said lived there with his mother and sister.
    Then, officers from Myrtle Beach, Chester, Chester County and SLED went to Jewel Street just a block away and arrested Roscoe.  
    Neighbors there told Channel 9 they were surprised to see that happening.
    One teen, who didn't give his name, had just seen Stewart Friday night.   
    "I can't believe he would do something like that," the boy said.  "I just saw him walking down the street. He wasn't doing nothing, just chilling."
    It all sounds unbelievable to Wilson, knowing his Chester neighbor as a good kid.
    "I’m surprised at anybody in Chester doing something like that. He was always respectful.  Always waved and said hi,” the teen said.
    Channel 9 learned both teens attend Chester High School, where they played football. Stewart is a two-time state wrestling champion.
    Chester School officials would not comment on the arrests, but Stewart's wrestling coach, Joe Conlan, said he was sorry for all the families involved in the tragedy.
    Family members could not be reached as of late Thursday.

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