Driver arrested after hit-and-run with police motorcycle

by: Catherine Bilkey Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A driver is in custody after investigators said he hit a deputy with his car and took off. The deputy had been trying to initiate a traffic stop on W.T. Harris Boulevard near Albemarle Road.

Investigators said Deputy Billy Allen was riding a motorcycle on W.T. Harris Boulevard toward Albemarle Road around 4:30 p.m. Friday when a car veered into his lane and almost hit him. Allen went to pull that car over but police said the driver slammed his car into reverse and crashed into the deputy's motorcycle, pushing the bike back more than 8 feet.

"The store was full of people here and all of a sudden we started hearing 'pop-pop-pop,'" said Robert Hoffman, witness.

Hoffman was working just feet away when Allen got off his damaged motorcycle. Hoffman said he saw him draw his gun.

"He looked like he was doing his job," Hoffman said. "He looked like he was pretty focused based on someone who just fell off a motorcycle. I saw him draw it out like he was supposed to."

Investigators said Allen fired three times, hitting the windows of the car, but not the driver or any bystanders. Officers found the driver minutes later on Farm Pond Lane. They took 47-year-old Danny Lehman into custody.

Allen does not have any life-threatening injuries. He's a 13-year veteran of the Sheriff's Office. The suspect was also taken to a hospital for a blood alcohol test.