• Shipments stall over holidays

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Many customers are still waiting for packages they'd hoped to have for Christmas.

    Jessica Dodson ordered T-shirts for her children on Dec. 13 and has been tracking them on her phone since.

    She said she was supposed to have them by Christmas, but that didn't happen.

    "It was in Reno for a while and now it's supposed to be at my house on the 28th," she said.

    UPS and FedEx had major problems delivering by the holiday.

    Both blame bad weather in certain parts of the country and both admit their systems were overloaded.

    They haven't said how many packages are late. Both just say a small portion were affected.

    FedEx emailed WSOC a statement saying, "Every single package is important to us, and we will continue to work directly with customers to address any isolated incidents."

    Amazon.com promises to refund shipping charges and give a $20 credit to certain customers who were left empty-handed.

    Fortunately for Gloria Whiteside, she got her Amazon order on Christmas Eve.

    "I was getting nervous, yes I was," she said. "I thought I might not see it, but I did."

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