Shoppers get early start on toys

by: Trish Williford Updated:


PINEVILLE, N.C. - Toys "R" Us in Pineville kicked open the doors at 5 p.m. Thursday to hundreds of shoppers who had been waiting patiently since 2 p.m. to get the best deals.

Shoppers told Eyewitness News you simply can't beat these deals. Almost everyone is looking for a play station four and an Xbox.

And they were more than happy to brave the cold temperatures and the long lines to get everything on their wish list.

"We're getting him the Hot Wheels and the LeapPad2," says Paige Wynne

"I'm here early just so I can get in and out and go to the next store. So what's the next store? Walmart and then you're done? Nope, going to JCPennys. says Leslie Longtin.

Toys "R" Us will remain open throughout the day on Black Friday.