• Site releases ‘18 words that have different meaning in NC'


    NORTH CAROLINA - BuzzFeed released an article Sunday titled “18 words that have a totally different meaning in North Carolina.”

    One word is snow. BuzzFeed said everywhere else it means “A light, flaky type of precipitation that falls from the sky every winter.” In North Carolina, the site said snow means, “If it’s more than half an inch, the city is shutting down. And, let’s just hope you get to the grocery store in time or you’ll be out of luck.”

    The article also references how blue is just a color everywhere else, but in North Carolina you must be specific -- Carolina blue or Duke blue?

    Raleigh is known as the capital of North Carolina and part of the Research Triangle. According to BuzzFeed, in North Carolina Raleigh means, “A place that makes you wonder why Charlotte isn’t the capital of the state.”

    To read BuzzFeed’s entire list, click here.

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