Social media used to share behind-the-scenes DNC experience

by: Natalie Pasquarella Updated:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - On Monday, a select group had the chance to go behind the scenes of the DNC and use social media to share the experience.

Time Warner Cable Arena has started transforming for the convention, and one man, whose local business depends on social media, brought the exclusive tour to the public.

“For me, interaction is more important,” said Rashon Carraway.

Carraway was one of 20 people interacting Monday at Time Warner Cable Arena who were picked to get a backstage look at DNC planning.

“Now, you have the everyday person that has the ability to see behind the scenes, get in on that press conference,” he said.

Carraway, who owns a men's styling business in Charlotte, posted updates on his iPad while he took part in a "tweet-up" at the arena.

Tweet-ups are when people gather at an event and post what's happening on Twitter.

On Monday, they got up-close look at construction and changes under way.

“The goal of this convention was just to make it the most open and accessible convention in history, and we so we feel that social media, the Internet, is one of those tools,” said Nikki Sutton with DNC Digital Media.

Eyewitness News also caught up with Carraway working in his office uptown, where he said sites like Twitter and Facebook are part of his daily job.

“There is no one platform outside of social media that I can connect with people in California, that I can connect with people in Switzerland, all at the same time,” he said.

Carraway said he's excited the convention has embraced social media just like he has, and that he's now a part of convention history.