• Source: Woman in south Charlotte killed by blunt force trauma

    By: Greg Suskin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Neighbors in the Carmel South community, off Carmel Road, reacted with disgust Thursday because of the lack of details about how 82-year-old Ina Feldman died.
    Feldman's son discovered her dead in her home Tuesday morning when he went to check on her.
    Sources close to the investigation told Channel 9 evidence showed that Feldman was not sexually assaulted but died from blunt force trauma.
    "That's horrible. We're just sorry for her and her family," said Sandy Whitham, who lives in the neighborhood. 
    She wants police to tell neighbors more about what happened and if they are still in danger.
    "Who knows what could happen? We don't even know what really happened to this woman," Whitham said.
    Two days after the murder, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are still patrolling through the Carmel South neighborhood and going door to door. 
    Their presence makes some homeowners like Kaytee Bishop feel safer.
    "I think it's fine. I'm glad they're here. If they can find a clue, good," she said.
    Several neighbors told Channel 9 they didn't know the victim or her son well, but they saw her out walking a lot. Randy Pusser wasn't as concerned about safety. 
    After 15 years there, he still feels secure.
    "I don't live in fear living here. I mean yes, it's sad, and I don't want to minimize what took place, but it took place here," he said.
    Police are still in the neighborhood on patrol and parked on Torrey Pines Court at the entrance to the community. They would only say they are there to be visible in the community. 
    They have also been giving homeowners tips on protecting themselves.
    No information has been released about a possible motive for the murder, any details on a suspect or whether or not anything was missing from Feldman's home.
    Police are asking for the public's help with any information.

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