• SouthPark apartment complex could be demolished for 2 hotels

    By: Jenna Deery


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A long-time apartment complex in SouthPark may be demolished to make room for two proposed hotels. Eyewitness news found out developers are asking city leaders to allow them to build behind a shopping center off Sharon Road near Hazelton Drive.
    Before SouthPark Mall gave people a place to shop, Old Towne Home Apartments gave people a place to live in SouthPark. After 50 years, the aged complex may no longer be part of the neighborhood.
    "You've seen some Uhaul trucks, moving trucks, people packing up," said tenant, Reid Rollison. 
    Rollison is one of the dozens of tenants who will have to move once their lease is up because of a new plan for the nearly four  acres of land.
    "If it boosts Charlotte, then I'm all for it," Rollison said,
    The developer has asked City Council to approve re-zoning this residential area off Sharon Road to allow up to two hotels to be built where the apartment complex is now. The hotels can be up to seven stories tall and hold 285 rooms.
    It doesn't fit with the city's area plan, but councilman Kenny Smith, who represents the district the site is in, believes it could help SouthPark by alleviating traffic problems that are only getting worse.
    "Your hotel traffic will come throughout the course of the day. You won't have a big rush at 8 o'clock or 5 o'clock when you are leaving work," said Smith.
    He says SouthPark's development plan is 15 years old and city leaders will have to come up with a new strategy as the area continues to grow.
    "I'm more concerned with the development that is sure to come as some of the older office buildings are redeveloped in SouthPark that will continue to have burdens placed on the SouthPark area residents," said Smith.

    This plan will need the city's approval to move forward. If developers get it, work could start early next year.

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