Star-studded event held at NASCAR Hall of Fame

by: Sarah Rosario Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Uptown Charlotte is playing a big role in the nightlife for many delegates and celebrities. 

While there are parties all over uptown, the premier event where Eyewitness News found many people at Monday night was at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. To get into the star-studded event with big names like John Legend and Nick Cannon, you had to have a special bracelet.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is one of Charlotte’s biggest landmarks and now, it’s playing host to one of its biggest parties.

 “It's really exciting to see the energy in the city,” guest Peggy Washko said.

The event is called Light Up the Night. And while it's a big party, it's an event organizers hope will bring business to the Queen City.

“It's all about economic development and bringing people to Charlotte to see what a great city it is, the hospitality. We're hoping other companies will come here,” said Dave Scanzoni with Duke Energy.

The event was paid for by event sponsors, like Duke Energy, AT&T and The Shaw Group.

“I'm so excited for Charlotte because it's such a great place to work and live, and (I’m) just excited to get the exposure to the city,” guest Monica Walls.

Lots of the people who attended haven't been to Charlotte before. Organizers hope this will attract more convention business nationally and internationally.

“We're hoping they get to know Charlotte, meet the people here, have a great time, and we hope that they come back again,” Scanzoni said.