Store manager arrested on charges of selling synthetic marijuana

by: Natalie Pasquarella Updated:


KANNAPOLIS, N.C. - Eight months after police raided a Kannapolis smoke shop, they arrested the store’s manager.

In November, officers took samples from the store to test for illegal substances, but Rosie Homen has always maintained she never sold anything illegal.

When Homen was led away in handcuffs Friday morning, she refused to comment on the charges against her.

Homen said in November that the products in her store were not illegal, but police said Friday that was a lie.

Police said many of the products they sent to a state lab tested positive for high levels of synthetic marijuana and low levels of an illegal ingredient in bath salts.

"When they see somebody walking out in handcuffs, that sends a message that you know we're not going to tolerate them selling that kind of substance in the city, and we're going to do everything to stop it," said Kannapolis Police Chief Woody Chavis.

After the arrest, a woman, who was once addicted to bath salts she bought at the Smoker’s Depot run by Homen, said she was relieved to hear police are cracking down on the drugs.

“I don’t want to ever see anybody go through the stuff I went through. It’s been a long, long road,” Danielle Simmons said.

Now eight months clean, Simmons said she is a better mother and hopes her story serves as a lesson.

"It was a short time; it was a big mistake, but I feel so much better now because I can be there with them, watch them play and do homework,” Simmons said. “I feel like I missed out on so much."

Homen was charged with trafficking synthetic marijuana.

Police have not shut down the Smoker’s Depot because officers did not find the illegal items still on the store’s shelves.