• Superheroes scale Levine Children's Hospital


    CHARLOTTE - Levine Children’s Hospital had some special visitors Tuesday - superheroes!

    Window washers in the form of Mr. Incredible, Spiderman, Batman, the Hulk, Captain America, and Superman scaled Levine Children’s Hospital Tuesday morning.

    The window washers are from Joffie.

    “They choose to do this for us because they know it makes the kids happy and they want to do something extra for them,” said Lauren Moskowitz, a representative for Levine Children’s Hospital.

    Patients were able to watch out their windows as the superheroes slowly made their way down, cleaning windows and brightening the days of sick children.

    The patients, and even adults, were excited to meet real-life superheroes.

    “We’re so appreciative of Joffie for being so kind and compassionate and going above and beyond to do this for our patients,” Moskowitz said.

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