• Charges added to teen who posted nude photos

    By: Stephanie Coueignoux


    SALISBURY, N.C. - A Rowan County judge has now added another charge against the teen arrested for posting nude photos over Instagram.
    Peter Kiever, 18, was arrested before and that charge is being added to his most recent case.
    Channel 9 obtained a police report dated Nov. 22, 2013, when police arrested Kiever and charged him with cyberstalking.
    Investigator Todd Taylor with the Granite Quarry Police Department said, “They were in a relationship. That relationship had ended. He continued to harass her through social media.”
    Taylor told Channel 9 he started investigating Kiever about a year ago, after the 15-year-old girl's parents called police.
    Police charged Kiever with a misdemeanor.
    But Taylor said that was just the beginning.
    “At that point, it was determined there may be pictures of underage children he may have under his possession,” Taylor said.
    That's what prompted a second investigation.
    Police found pictures of nude girls and boys on Kiever's Facebook and Instagram pages- and other social media sites.
    Channel 9 tried to speak with Kiever's parents Monday, but nobody answered the door.
    Taylor said as a father himself the case is not easy.
    “I have a child about this age too -- it does take a toll. It's not something that I can say it just rolls off my back," he said.
    Investigators are still collecting evidence from Kiever's iPod and cellphone.
    A forensic expert is also analyzing his computer.
    Kiever is expected in court on April 16 for the cyberstalking and felony sex charges.

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