Trial for Charlotte man accused of raping 2 girls under way



CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The trial of a Charlotte man accused of raping two teenage girls is under way.

Ray Bynum has been convicted of sexual battery in the past.

One of the alleged victims, who is 17 years old, took the stand Wednesday morning. 

She was 14 years old when she said Bynum raped her in his hair salon.

The girl told police that Bynum had forced her to have sex with him, and she repeated her story to jurors on Tuesday.

Bynum’s attorney questioned her about her story looking for inconsistencies.  She appeared to have trouble remembering all of what happened more than three years ago.

Prosecutors expect to call a second alleged victim later Wednesday.

Bynum, who is now in a wheelchair, is facing a long prison term.  There is no word on whether he will take the stand.