• Cowboys corral bull after it escapes from wreck

    By: Dave Faherty


    HICKORY - A truck hauling a herd of seven cows overturned on Interstate 40 and McDonald Parkway at about 12:30 p.m. on Monday, according to Hickory police.
    A bull ran from the wreck and was later corralled.
    "(We) care about the animal but also care about the people in the roadway, too, so we're just trying to capture it without harming it.,” said Cobie Sigmon, a volunteer firefighter.
    Sigmon was one of two good Samaritans who spotted the bull darting in and out of traffic and offered to help.  
    Police and others searched the woods off of Tate Boulevard and McDonald Parkway near one of the busiest intersections in Hickory.
    They were joined by John Self, who was on his lunch break when he saw the bull.  
    He said he has experience with bulls because he participates in rodeos.

    "It's been a good battle,” Self said at the scene. “So far he is winning. It's a small bull calf -- probably 800 pounds. Not something to mess with. Depends on how much room you got."
    The hot weather and the thick brush proved to be too much for police who were overcome by the heat.  
    After more than two hours of searching, the cowboys went in the woods and about 15 minutes later had the bull lassoed thanks to their border collie, Annie.  
    She found the bull in the woods and kept it from getting away.  
    "That's one thing you can count on -- her doing her job,” Earl Rogers, a cowboy. “I slipped up behind him and put the rope on him in the woods. That's how we got (him)."
    The bull will be returned to his owner. Two of the officers had to go to the hospital for heat exhaustion and are OK.

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