Turnout low in SC after ballot decision boots many from rosters


COLUMBIA, S.C. - After a technicality knocked nearly 200 candidates off ballots in South Carolina, voter turnout was reportedly low across the state.

More than 1,200 people were registered to vote at one precinct in Rock Hill, but a lack of competition in the races resulted in only 78 of those people being eligible to vote.

One voter said she’s bothered by the choices voters lost in local elections.

“It’s discouraging to the point that you should have had the opportunity everyone she have because it’s our country and we have a great country,” said Fay Gibson.

Polls closed in South Carolina at 7 p.m.

Because so many candidates were kicked off the ballots for not filing the paperwork correctly, 16 percent of eligible voters had no one to vote for Tuesday.

The same problem also caused 284 precincts in 14 South Carolina counties to close due to lack of candidates.