• Students pepper-sprayed during UNCC campus party

    By: Tenikka Smith


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - More than 1,000 students packed the Student Athletic Center at University of North Carolina at Charlotte for the Gym Jam on Thursday night.
    It was a '90s themed party, open to UNCC students and those from other colleges could pay $5 to attend as well.
    "I was excited, dressed up, had on my '90s gear,” freshman Jaylin Walters said.
    Walters never made it in. 
    School officials said the building was at capacity and hundreds more waited outside. This was the first time the party was held at the Student Athletic Center. It's usually held inside the Student Union.
    A spokesperson said a group outside, not affiliated with UNCC, got into a fight.  Off-duty UNCC officers decided to shut the party down and disperse the crowd.
    The school said some of the visitors refused to leave and got physical with the officers who then used pepper spray to get things under control.
    "I was there when the pepper spray came out.  I could smell it and it did burn my throat quite a bit,” another UNCC student said.
    Some students took to social media to express their disappointment saying UNCC students are not to blame. 
    Other person tweeted, "Our gym jam last spring was poppin with no major drama WITHOUT non-UNCC people."
    One student said, "The problem is outside students because when we have our own little Gym Jams that's just for UNC Charlotte, they're pretty cool and they never get shut down because we know how to act."
    The school said no one had to get any medical treatment from the pepper spray but one student was transported to the hospital for being intoxicated.  A non-UNCC student was arrest for affray, another for an outstanding warrant.  A spokesperson said UNCC administrators will review the incident and determine how to re-structure the Gym Jam events to avoid issues in the future.

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