Union Co. deputies investigate homicide after man found dead

by: Kathryn Burcham Updated:


MARSHVILLE, N.C. - Union County sheriff's deputies are investigating a homicide scene after a man's co-workers found him dead inside his home.

Investigators said Charles Godwin's co-workers discovered his body inside his home around 9 a.m. Thursday, after he failed to report to his job at Austin Grading in Wingate.

Authorities have not released how Godwin, 60, was killed, but there were reports neighbors heard shots in the area before the discovery of his body.

Police said Godwin lived alone.

Investigators will try to develop a potential suspect by piecing together Godwin's last few days, according to Sheriff Eddie Cathey.

"We will look into his past, try to develop a timeline," Cathey said.

Godwin's death marks the sixth homicide in two months in Marshville, something Cathey called deeply troubling.

Investigators  have made two arrests in the other five homicides, which occurred in two separate incidents.

Randall Morrison was arrested in July after police said he killed his two neighbors and his cousin.

Earlier this month, Bradrick Wolfe was charged with shooting and killing his brother-in-law and father-in-law.

Investigators said he killed them when he tried to visit his children.

Deputies urge anyone with information on the latest homicide to call Union County Sheriff's Office at 704-283-3789.