• Uptown packed for CIAA finale


    CHARLOTTE - CIAA officials told Eyewitness News ticket sales are slightly higher than last year, and Uptown has been packed this weekend with people enjoying Charlotte.

    “It’s a great crowd—quality people,” Bernard Lucas said.

    “It seems like it’s bigger than ever because the weather is so good,” Eric Price said.

    And with restaurants, clubs, and bars all packed:

    “That makes it more profitable for the economy, which makes it good for the people of Charlotte,” Price said. “I’m a QC resident so that’s a good thing.”

    But the tournament’s run in Charlotte could be over. Earlier this week, Eyewitness News told you officials were preparing to take bids from other cities like Atlanta and Raleigh. They’re hoping for more financial support and larger crowds, but people Channel 9 spoke with want the tournament to stay here.

    “Raleigh is OK,” Price said. “Charlotte is way better.”

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