• Vance High School students on the way home robbed at gunpoint

    By: Jenna Deery


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Two high school students in North Charlotte said they were robbed at gunpoint on their way home from school.

    Channel 9 spoke to the mother of one of the teens who said she believes the thieves may go to Vance High School with the students.

    Police have not confirmed who the two thieves may be and have not released descriptions of them.

    The victims, ages 14 and 15, told police they had just left Vance High School, driving down IBM Drive Wednesday afternoon. They were stopped at an intersection when another car pulled up.

    Some older teenagers got out of their car, pointed a gun at the two and stole their jewelry and some other personal items.

    They jumped back in their car and took off.

    Neither victim was hurt but they were shaken by what had happened.

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