• Vet Tip Hotline launched in NC to help vets at VA


    NORTH CAROLINA - The North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs launched a "Vet Tip Hotline" Monday to help veterans and improve services at US Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities located in North Carolina.
    The hotline will provide a resource for veterans and federal employees to confidentially report alleged misconduct within USVA facilities. The Vet Tip Hotline, via (844)-NC4-Vets or VetTips@DOA.NC.GOV, will connect the tipster directly to NCVA executive staff. Tips will be referred to appropriate authorities within the USVA for investigation.
    The hotline was set-up after the NCVA received specific allegations of misconduct at USVA medical facilities in North Carolina. After conducting interviews, the allegations were found credible and referred to the appropriate USVA authority.
    The Vet Tip Hotline follows a restructuring already underway that will locate NCVA offices within all 17 USVA medical facilities in North Carolina by 2016.
    This restructuring will assist with advocacy, provide benefit services to veterans, and will assist with the reporting of allegations received through the Vet Tip Hotline.
    For more information, please contact NCVA director Ilario Pantano at (919)-628-6894. To report misconduct at USVA medical facilities located in North Carolina, please call (844)-NC4-Vets or email: VetTips@DOA.NC.GOV.

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