War veteran jailed because of clutter in yard



CLOVER, S.C. - Eyewitness News interviewed the veteran released from jail after ignoring code enforcement orders to clean up his yard.

His wife was waiting for him.

"It's like I've been living this nightmare," said wife Patty Ramsey. "I'm ready to wake up and for it to go away. It's just crazy. It really is."

Code enforcement officials said they've been fighting with John Ramsey for a year and a half. A judge gave him six months to clean up his yard. When he didn't, he was fined $500.

Later, he was thrown in jail.

"It's been aggravating to me and my wife," John Ramsey said. "It's been aggravating the fool out of me and my wife. If I could move, I would move, but I love this place."

John Ramsey told Eyewitness News he's already clean up most of what's in his yard.

He admitted there are bricks and other construction supplies, but he uses them to fix up his home.

He said he's not sure how he will move forward. If he doesn't completely clear his yard, he will have to go back to jail every weekend until he reaches a total of 30 days.