• Warrant: Couple planned taxi robbery near Bojangles Coliseum


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police said the cab driver who was robbed and shot in east Charlotte was set up, according to a search warrant.

    ARTICLE: Cab driver robbed and shot in east Charlotte
    Ericka Jones knew the cab driver was going to be robbed by Marquis Moise. She said she didn’t know Moise would shoot the driver.
    Police were able to track her down with the number used to call the Diamond Cab Company for a ride.
    Jones told police she was supposed to have the cab driver drop her off near Washburn Avenue and Monroe Road behind the Bojangles Coliseum.
    The search warrant also indicated four other men were in the getaway car.
    Jones and Moise were charged and the driver is expected to be OK.

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