• Weather partially to blame for uprooted trees

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    Charlotte is known for the abundance of trees but for some homeowners, they’ve become a hazard. The weather is partially to blame for more trees uprooting, hitting homes and even people.
    “All of a sudden you hear the crash of a huge limb realizing that could have been someone's child,” Christopher Dennis, president of the Lockwood Home Owners’ Association, said.
    Dennis told Eyewitness News he loves trees, but he also knows they can be dangerous. He saw that firsthand just a few weeks ago.
    “A tree fell over and hit somebody's car,” Dennis said.
    The Lockwood neighborhood isn’t unique in that aspect.
    Last week, a tree fell and killed a man in his backyard in Matthews. The weather and the way trees are planted are partially to blame for the number of fallen trees we see.
    “Charlotte has really been noted for its trees, but they'll plant the huge trees between the street and the sidewalk,” Don Blankenberg, with Pine Lake Nursery & Landscaping, said. “So it just doesn’t give them much area to grow in.”
    Blankenberg told Channel 9 that homeowners need to look out for tree tops that don’t have many leaves and shallow roots.
    “They just can't take that wind and that pulls them right out of the ground,” Blankenberg said.
    He said the moist winter and spring can also lead to root problems. 
    “The tree that actually fell a few weeks ago, it wasn't a very heavy wind but you could tell from looking at the tree, that the roots were shallow and the tree was dead,” Dennis said.
    Dennis told Channel 9 he’s looking into grants to help homeowners pay for tree removal.

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