Wells Fargo helps customers who fell behind in mortgage payments

by: Andrew Doud Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Wells Fargo was helping customers who were falling behind on their mortgage get the help they need to keep their house.

"I had fallen behind on my monthly mortgage payments due to illness and work problems and deaths in the family," Marcie Bannister said.

Dozens of people like Bannister came to the convention center Wednesday with folders and paperwork in hand looking for help.

Bannister, like hundreds of others, had fallen behind on her mortgage payment and was receiving letters from the bank.

"It's unbelievable stress," she said. "Because you get panicky, you feel like a volcano getting ready to erupt."

She received some help Wednesday. She was one of more than 200 people registered to sit down with a Wells Fargo representative and work out a way to keep her house.

"The customers who meet with us, we are able to help the majority of them to do what we call modification," said Marie Day with Wells Fargo. "And that means the current loans they're in we're able to modify the terms, lower the interest rate or extend the term so that they can stay in their home."