• Whistleblower 9: Tenants threatened by bee infestation

    By: Erica Bryant


    A local family said that for more than six months, bees have made their nest inside the walls of their apartment and the management company hasn't fixed the problem.

    They made a makeshift barrier against the swarm by covering a window with plastic and tape.

    "They were coming through the plastic," said renter Micha Burke. "I feel like this is a hazard."

    Burke said for months the pests have invaded her master bedroom.

    "My husband was stung, thank God he wasn't allergic," Burke said. "What if my kids are allergic? I don't want to find out they're allergic because they get stung. It shouldn't have to come to that point."

    She said nothing is being done after repeated complaints to management at the Country Club Apartments.

    "Their mission statement, and what we were promised in the lease and repairs have not been met," she said.

    She also said she was told code enforcement can only take action against rodents and her lease states only apartment management can make repairs -- barring her from hiring someone to take care of it.

    "If the exterminator has to gut the wall to get the nest out, I could be found liable for the damages," Burke said.
    Burke spoke to an attorney.

    "He said my only option was to go to small claims court or move," Burke said. "So I have the option to move out because bees moved in."

    Choices she said are unacceptable.

    "I'm disgusted at this point because we work hard for our money and I care where my money is going," she said.

    Whistleblower 9 reached out to management at Country Club Apartments to talk to them about the issue and has not heard back.

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