• Whistleblower 9: Town refused to refund vendors after festival canceled

    By: Scott Wickersham


    KINGS MOUNTAIN - A local woman contacted Whistleblower 9 saying Kings Mountain cancelled a festival this past weekend and will not refund her vendor fee.

    Natasha Hudgins said Beach Bash was supposed to happen this past weekend rain or shine. She and other vendors lost the fee and income the event would have brought in. Hudgins said she heard from vendors coming from as far away as Georgia and Myrtle Beach.

    Hudgins paid a $35 vendor fee to sell homemade knitted items at the Beach Bash this past Saturday at Patriot’s Park in King’s Mountain.

    She did not know the event was cancelled until she showed up with other vendors on Saturday morning; 200 vendors were supposed to be a part of the event.

    “I could have gone elsewhere,” Hudgins said. She said it was barely raining, and there was no severe weather.

    A nearby restaurant said it stocked up food and beer for the event, expecting to be busy. That did not happen.

    Eyewitness News anchor Scott Wickersham reached out to the city. The event organizer never returned his calls, but after his investigation began Hudgins was told she could get her money back.

    Hudgins said other vendors need to ask for a refund as well, and that she will not go back to Kings Mountain for another festival.

    “The vendor community is not coming back, not anybody I know,” Hudgins said.

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