Winthrop University board suspends president

By: Alexa Ashwell


ROCK HILL, S.C. - The Winthrop University board of trustees met for seven hours Friday before announcing its decision to suspend President Jamie Comstock Williamson.
"Trustees are aware of public concerns and questions about certain acts at Winthrop," said Kathy Bigham, who is the board's chair.
Trustees wouldn't explain the concerns that ultimately led them to Friday's decision.
Vice Chairman Karl Folkens called the closed-door meeting with Williamson "emotional."
Channel 9 reported recent hurdles Williamson encountered on campus, including a decision to give some employees pay raises without first notifying the board, and increasing the university's summer tuition. 
"I think it’s commendable the board had the courage to take action when there were some real mistakes made," said Phil Moody, who has been a professor at the university for 29 years.
Williamson will have an opportunity to respond to the concerns raised on June 26.
Channel 9 went to Williamson’s house but was turned away by a man and woman at the front door.

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