• Witnesses recall friend shot in back during robbery

    By: Paige Hansen


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A group of friends told Channel 9 they were minding their own business outside their west Charlotte home Sunday night when a man came up and robbed them at gunpoint.
    That was when 21-year-old Pan Fun was shot multiple times.
    Police do not know who the shooter is and the victims could not provide a good description.
    They said it happened so fast and none of them were expecting to hear gunfire.
    Friends say Fun was shot once in the back and once in the stomach during an attempted robbery.
    "It's just very emotional to see your friend in a condition like that," Tyron Hmok said. 
    Hmok was one of Fun's friends who were there when the shooting happened.
    Friends said they were hanging out outside when a man walked up and ordered them to the ground.
    "Out of nowhere he told us, 'This is a robbery. Put your hand up. Put your hand over your head,'" Philan Ksor said.
    They said the man searched their pockets but only found items like their cellphones.
    The shocked teens said Tuesday their friend Fun and another friend tried to fight back.
    "He grabbed him to avoid getting shot and I saw him collapse on the ground. That's when I knew he was shot," Hmok said.
    "I was really shocked it happened," Ksor said. "I froze right then."
    The friends said they ran because they were so afraid and didn't get a good look at the suspect.
    Fun's family told Eyewitness News he had surgery Tuesday and doctors expect him to recover.

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