• Woman accused of giving out licenses faces more charges


    NEWTON, N.C. - The number of charges against a DMV employee accused of giving people licenses who shouldn't have gotten them has more than doubled.

    A tip this spring led DMV investigators to their Newton office to begin looking at all of the documents and files of their senior examiner, Cathy Rudisill, officials said.  She is charged in connection with 28 cases, but the DMV said it has not found a possible motive.

    “Right now, there is no evidence that she received any money for what she was doing. We really don't know the answer to the why,” said DMV spokeswoman Marge Howell.

    People Eyewitness News talked to who were trying to get their licenses Tuesday also want to know what happens to the more than two dozen drivers who allegedly received licenses without taking tests or showing paperwork.

    “I think that they should at least be called back in and if they can pass the test like you or I could, then they keep their license. Otherwise, jerk them,” said area resident Kevin McGee.

    “You need to follow the rules and everybody just come down here and get their license. You don't know whether they can drive or not,” driver Cheryl Hedrick said.

    The DMV said finding those drivers is part of its investigation.  They are checking their records in hopes of identifying those drivers and may require them to retake their test.

    “We take this very seriously, and the issuance of a North Carolina driver’s license is something that needs to be well protected,” Howell said.

    Eyewitness News tried to talk with Rudisill at her home, but she did not want to talk with Channel 9.  She is scheduled to go to court on June 28 in Newton. 

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