• Woman accused of swindling renters, breaking into home

    By: Scott Wickersham


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman Whistleblower 9 first reported on in May is back in trouble with the law.
    Tina Nguyen has made a living buying homes under foreclosure at homeowners association auctions, then renting them until the bank forecloses and kicks the renters out, according to police.

    Now she's accused of breaking into a home she doesn’t own and trying to rent it to a man.
    Britten Redmond gave Nguyen a $1,500 deposit to rent a townhome in east Charlotte. Then his family started researching her online.
    “I got screenshots from family saying she was on Whistleblower 9 in May,” Redmond said.
    Redmond immediately asked for his money back after seeing her record of leaving renters confused and stranded.
    Then when he started talking to the HOA, he learned more startling news.
    “They told me she didn't own the place -- whoever changed the locks and the meter box -- that it’s a scam,” he said.
    An HOA spokesperson said Nguyen broke into the home and changed the locks.
    He also said she illegally turned on the power by altering the Duke Energy utility box.
    They called police, who arrested Nguyen last weekend, charging her with breaking and entering and obtaining property by false pretenses.
    Nguyen said it is another case of false charges against her.
    She legally bought the home at a foreclosure auction recently, she said in a phone interview.
    But the HOA said as of Tuesday, the deed has not been recorded, and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department agrees Nguyen broke the law by breaking into the home.
    The HOA is waiting to see proof she bought the townhome.
    In the meantime, Redmond wants nothing to do with Nguyen and wants his money back.
    “I just feel bothered by the whole situation that someone can be out here taking advantage of people like that,” Redmond said.
    Nguyen said she may return Redmond’s money if he returns the lease, then she said she may keep some of it as damages to her.
    Redmond said he went to court and filed a civil case to get the money back.

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